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Thread: My instrument preamp has a line-out jack. What's that?

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    I'll bet you absolutely love the sound of a lot of compressed guitars - you just didn't know they were compressed. If it was done properly it would sound just like moving the fader up for the quiet parts and down for the louder ones. What you probably hate is the sound of over-compressed/poorly compressed guitars. There are a lot of ways to screw up compression, and a lot of guys with "web wisdom" and little experience running sound and making recordings. Maybe keep an open mind, huh?

    I'm not sure you really understand how compression works, or possibly your statement that I quoted above wasn't really what you were trying to convey. I can only say I've run FOH for hundreds of shows, in everything from nightclubs to arenas, and a compressor is absolutely what will do what you're asking - unless you're asking it wrong.

    I resolve to quit procrastinating...tomorrow.

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    No doubt.

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