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Thread: DOD R-825 Compressor

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    DOD R-825 Compressor

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    Hi everyone...

    I've bought this old mono compressor for $70, but can't find much information about it on internet. I've tried on vocals and acoustic guitar and like it's open high end and pretty obvious compression effect. Other than that there's a rare de-esser and side-chain function.
    This unit is it bit noisy even compared with my Art Levelar, but still usable.

    I know it's output is balanced but not sure whether it's input is balanced or not.

    This unit is supposed to use dbx 2150a VCAs. Someone said it sounds pretty much like a DBX 160... hmmm.

    Any information or experience on this one?

    Thanx in advance.

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    i got the same question,
    mine just arrived and i like it,
    i'm gona use it for live mostly and i like what it does to the sound,
    you can definately hear the compression but its the kinda sound i like right now, specially for live its OK, the comp takes away "the dirty frequencies of my voice" , i like that

    the de-esser isn't that superb i think, reminds me of a highcut filter, but hell, i'll mess with it more,
    i wonder if the side chain is for the de esser or the comp or both,
    maybe i can run my graphic eq trough it to only de-ess the one freq i want...

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    The DOD R-825 absolutely features the dbx 2150A VCA chip. In fact it has two. One on the regular compressor circuit and one in the de-esser section. I just opened mine up last night to check on it as I am a "modder". Everthing is in sockets so another great replacement would be to upgrade the 5532 opamps to AD826, a much faster (slew rate) and wider bandwith device. I will be selling mine, is any body interested? I used it on Bass alot as it was pretty transparent. Not a bade compressor but not very good for vocals although the Mod would help with that. I need to cull some stuff I don't use any more from the racks. Good luck.

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