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Thread: behringer x1832 usb FX

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    behringer x1832 usb FX

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    I have just bought myself the behringer x1832 usb and i am a bit stumped as how to sort out the fx, there are 16 presets that are not a problem to use but when you tap the little button that is above the main fx section the led changes from lets say preset 16 to 1.2. and then you can turn the knob and it can go to a minus or plus number and again by tapping the button again thye led changes to 2.4. and again plus minus setting, can someone enlighten me as to what the hell this is as i have never seen this on a mixer before, the mixer itself is brilliant and the quality of sound is second to now for the price range.

    Thanks in advance

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    Just a stab in the dark here but could it mean that you have gone into bank #2, That are your edited FX of the presets.

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    No, I think what he's describing is the dual mode for the effects. The display shows 1 to 24 to dial up each effect, the button above is to set the tempo of the effect rate. That is all, and it's in the manual.
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