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Thread: Behringer ADA8000 outputs

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    Behringer ADA8000 outputs

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    I have recently bought the ADA8000 and have been a bit confused with regards to the outputs.
    The reason i got the box was to use in conjunction with my Presonus 1818Vsl but not for inputs. I Have a Mackie 1604-VLZ pro 16 channel mixer. I was looking at DAW controllers and wasn't impressed. I much preferred the routing option as I already had a nice desk.
    Everything is hooked up fine with the optical and I can get a sound out of the Behringer and presonus together into my desk.
    I am using Reaper more recently and I can't understand why, when I want the 8 line outs on the Behringer to operate as Mono they send a mono signal through two of the outputs at the same time.
    Kick drum: Route to ADAT 1 mono (output reaper) - (Input Mackie Desk) Channels 1+2 have that signal
    Snare: Route to ADAT 2 mono (output reaper) - (input Desk channels) 3+4 have that signal.

    I understand Stereo Bussing but it doesn't seem that reaper is going to let me pan channels or isolate a mono signal without it coming from the behringer in two channels.
    I get that ADA8000 may operate on stereo pairs of outputs but I don't get the routing options.
    do I have to make Behringer the Master or slave?

    if anyone has a answer to this i'd be really grateful.

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    You are misinterpreting what they mean by mono. In this case it means that a stereo pair is summed to mono. You need to set the outputs to stereo and pan the channels hard left or right in the DAW. So it would be kick to ADAT 1 left, snare to ADAT 1 right etc. The pan knob on the desk will determine the channel's final pan position.

    But I have to wonder why you'd mix on the Mackie when you've got way more options and better audio quality inside Reaper than you can ever have mixing through your desk.

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    Thanks for the reply,
    Although I've already trying messing around with them as stereo L+R. I'll try some more things.
    Yeah I can see your point about DAW's having various plugins and sensitive EQ's but I like to play it old school sometimes. I've used DAW's for a long time and I feel I've enjoyed the mixing process a lot more when I've been given a desk to work with. It's purely audio-sensory as opposed to the very technical approach that a lot of people favour with DAW's. I couldn't really find a Controller that I was happy with within a budget. Daw's have great tracking and editing facilities but I just can't resist a desk to mix on, then print back on to the computer. It also pushes you to do a final mix instead of constantly fiddling with the virtual knobs.
    I've had an idea though,

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    I have 4 ADA8000s and, just to confirm what others have said/implied.

    The ADA8000 is essentially 8 separate mono channels. The only way it could be fed with stereo is if your routing was done that way prior to arriving at the ADAT box.
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