Both of these compressors have been applauded in various posts but I'm wondering for those of you that have used both of these, which would you prefer (mainly speaking of the dbx 160vu but interested if your experience was with a 160a,160x, or 160xt). If you have thoughts on how these compare with a dbx 117,118, or 119 that would be great also.

Purpose: I'm looking for a compressor to put in the signal chain on the way into my DAW. Mainly i'll be recording vocals, bass, guitar, and occasionally keys.

I've used the DBX 160's before and loved them but to get a pair (unless i get lucky) it seems that i'll be spending well over $1,000 whereas i can get the ART PRO VLA for under $300, so is waiting the extra few months to get the extra cash for the DBX 160's worth it?