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Thread: Alesis Quadraverb reviews

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    Loads of versions - original was great for PA, for a bit of reverb, of effects, then the later versions Mk2 , 3 etc got better and better. 60 is not that cheap of course - I've got a rack full of reverbs, compressors and gates from those days - not even quite sure where it is now, but my studio in 96 had quadraverbs in the rack. It makes nice noises - it doesn't like anything other than line in - trying to use them on guitars reveals the noise.

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    I have two. The second version. Like Rob's sentiment, no good for guitars. Use it live with a strat in front...yukkk!

    However, on my console, they work great. And there's some awesome gritty 16 bit effects that, to me, are perfect for some rock and roll.

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    Didn't Kevin Shields use these on MBV records? He raved about them, from memory...unless it's a different unit.
    There are many ways to get those sounds now using better gear fwiw.

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    He may have used a QV, but the unit most associated with him is the Yamaha SPX90. That is THE MBV reverse reverb. The QV just isn't the same.

    They didn't work for guitars because A) their input impedance is too low and 2) they are a little noisy and low guitar levels required you to turn up the levels too much. The answer to that question was of course some kind of preamp before it. Even a loud boost pedal would do it.

    And yes this thread is 12 years old, but nostalgia can be fun.

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