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Thread: Samson servo amps

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    Samson servo amps

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    Has anyone here used the Samson servo amps with their recording/monitoring setups? Their specs seem to be pretty good - I've been looking at the Servo 120a and Servo 200 as potential replacement amps. They use a fanless design, which is pretty nice since eventually the bearings will go out on most cooling fans. I don't need to totally blast the volume, I just want clean sound with some headroom to spare. I'm using some Tannoy pbm 6.5 monitors with my setup which I think are rated at 100w/ch at 6 ohms.

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    Haven't seen a lot of great talk about the Samson amps (at least around here). I have a pair of Tannoy Reveals and power them with a Hafler TA1600 (which is no longer made, but a few are available at select online retailers), and it's a nice combo. Not quite 100 watts, but I think it's powering them efficiently.

    I looked at the Samson offerings, but searched around here first and ended up with a Hafler.

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    I have two of the 120s. I bought them with plan of using one for monitors but when I buy I'll probably get powered one.
    So I use one for my guitar rig and the second sits un-used. Wanna buy it??? cheap.
    PM me anyone if you're interested.
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    i had a samson 240 for 9 years powering ns10's ...i have to say it held up well - i had it with a moble set up that got lugged everywhere in all types of weather...i gave it to a pal 2 or 3 months ago.

    it wasn't the best sounding thing to put in your monitoring path...but it will work. ns10's powered with other amps, like crown, halfer and bryston sounded worlds better...but of course you pay for em...


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    I'm using a Servo 170 right now to push a couple of Infinity 2000.2's and it's been working great since I first tried it out as a studio monitoring amp a month ago. I haven't had enough experience with different monitoring amps or monitors to tell if it's coloring the sound any but the Servo amps do a real good job for what I'm doing and seem pretty true to my mixes.

    I've had this particular 170 for over 8 years now with extensive road abuse in a mobile DJ rig and no problems whatsoever. I can say they're more reliable than Nady amps from experience. It's a rock solid amp. I turned it all the way up through my monitors and my Presonus Firepod outputs more noise than this amp does. Actually, the amp is abslolutely silent without anything plugged in, so maybe the noise could be coming from the 1/4" inputs when plugged in but I can't tell if its the firepod or the amps inputs that introduce the noise.
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    i had a servo 120 and blew it up. the warranty was like a 3 year complete service so i got a new one and promply sold it. i would rather have a used onkyo home stereo receiver.its more flexible

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    I have had a Samson Servo 260 for a couple of years and it works like a champ. Specs are decent and the price is right.

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