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Thread: Zoom MRS 1044 hard disk replacement.

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    Question Zoom MRS 1044 hard disk replacement.

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    Hi Gang.

    Has anyone found out yet whether the 3.5" E-IDE hard disk can be replaced in the Zoom MRS 1044 by one of a greater capacity?

    The price of the Mk.I is bound to drop once the Mk.II hits the streets, and the only difference between the two is the hard disk capacity according to what Hertfordmusic have emailed me.

    The MRS 1044 Mk.II is due out now, and Hertfordmusic are quoting a price of 599 pre-order. It would make sense to put the money saved by buying a Mk.I MRS 1044 towards replacing the 15Gb hard disk with a greater capacity hard disk, and putting the 15Gb to use in the computer.

    Thanks for all your comments on the Zoom MRS 1044 - you have made my mind up about buying one. I had my eye on a Boss BR-8 until a chap at Turnkey told me they are now discontinued. And not one supplier has replied to my emails about the availability and cost of Zip disks, in spite of the fact that I indicated I would buy a BR-8 from them if the Zip disks were available.

    So it's time to Zoom, I think.

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    Yo Bazza:

    A word from the Colonies!!!

    Before you get the ZOOM, try out the Yamaha 2816 -- get a demo if you can.

    Although it takes a little time to get the hang of the 2816, "little brother to the 4416," it is one hellova box -- great sound.

    The manual is not very good and it takes a bit of time but if you are computer savvy, it won't take you long at all.

    One thing the manual doesn't tell you is you can run 16 bit and 24 bit recordings out of the back end of the unit into tape. It has a stereo RCA out and a digital stereo out if you have something digital to send it to.

    I think you should take a look at this box because it is better than the ZOOM and doesn't cost that much more.

    American dollars, I paid 1800.00.

    I'll have one Laphroig neat please.

    Green Hornet

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    Green Hornet:

    I don't doubt that the Yamaha is better than the Zoom, but what is your definition of "not much more"?

    The Zoom sells for $699 street! You can't do better for that price.

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