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Thread: Tannoy stuff and Q's

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    I have 2 pair of monitors I use through a Yamaha 75 watt (a side) reciever as monitors for PC Cubase 4/PreSonus FireBox set-up.What do I need to be thinking about either replacing them,powering them,or just to continue using what I have.One set is callled Tannoy SBM.The other set is called Tannoy PBM 6.5 series II.Also to improve on my signal to noise ratio,do I need to acquire or consider acquiring a different interface between the computer and playback/record.I am 52 years old,a songwriter,and a hobbyist.There are no sonic issues,I can tell with the audio quality.Is what I'm asking an appropriate question set?.Or should I just cut the stuff I am working on and settle down?Thanks for your responses.
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