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Thread: Simple Recording Software

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    Simple Recording Software

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    Can anyone recommend a simple recording program that I can download?

    I don't need to do anything other than record from my fostex to my computer. I don't need to edit, cut, paste or anything else other than record. I'm a songwriter and I just want to save my song 'sketches' from my Fostex.

    I tried Audacity which was fine for awhile but is now recording the music speeded up.

    I just need it to record. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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    danny.guitar Guest
    I was going to recommend Audacity. What do you mean it's recording it "speeded up"?

    Make sure you're recording from your Fostex at the same sample rate.

    Reaper is good software but probably has way too many features that you don't need.

    There's a free one called WavePad (Google it) which is just a simple WAV file recorder, not a multi-track recorder. It's what I used when I first started. It has some built in effects like reverb, normalize, etc. But other than that, it is strictly a simple WAV recorder.

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    Weird... why are there three of these threads created 10-20 minutes apart?

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    This should work just fine. Free too!

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    Thanks to all of you for your advice! Sorry about posting it 3 times. It was a newbie mistake.

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    I'm not sure about free programs because I've been working with Sony ACID software for years. ACID Xmc would be a good $40 program for beginners. Acid Music Studio is a good $80 program for those who're are familiar with Sony software.. and the ACID PRO is probably one of the best prgrams out there (besides Cakewalk... never used it, but was told its a real good program), but costs about $300-$400 depending on where you buy it.

    I'm not sure if you've ever used the Line 6 products, but the Line 6 TonePort UX1 and UX2 are good pieces to plug into your computer that already come with recording software, they have tons of effects, amp models and cab models! But then again, they are $130, and $200... so unless you're looking to spend a little money on good recording equipment for beginners and intermediates, then yea maybe you're better off with what you already have and downloading a free program!

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    easiest program i've worked with is mackie tracktion

    simple, single-window layout...everything you need is right there in front of you

    it doesn't have some of the advanced features that other DAWs do, but it's a good place to start out, and is pretty cheap

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    Free Stdio software

    Kristal Audio Engine- Free and Legal download. I have used it for quiet a while now and haven't had any problems once it was setup.
    I think its about as simple as you can get for a multi-track setup.
    Some Windows type crap, like mixer and soundcard stuff to do with all of them.

    Kristal check it out.
    There's also free plugins that work with Kristal easily. BlockFish is a beautiful sounding Limiter for Mastering kind of thing for burning CDR's, and others..

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-HG

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