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Thread: Dokorder 7140 4 track reel to reel

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    Dokorder 7140 4 track reel to reel

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    This is a Dokorder 7140 4 track I just picked up for $55. It works. The left front channel is intermitent but I'm pretty sure it's one of the pots or monitor switches. I found and bought a copy of the tech manual on ebay for $23 so I'll be able to troubleshoot a little better.
    Here it is with the cover off for cleaning... it's in very good condition but it could do with a belt change and new brake bands.
    ...and here's the control panel.

    I like it's sound. It's clean and bright but full of yummy analog warmth. This piece of gear would have been the ultimate to own when I was recording in high school in the mid 70's. :wink:

    Any info in this unit from an experienced tape op would be much apprectited.

    I also have the opportunity to buy a pair of White 4320 passive EQ's from this guy! I think I'll get them next week. He's in no hurry to sell... he also has a Prophet 12 for $1500 and a Korg ESS0-1 for $300. Analog equipment makes me drooll like a geek on glue ...
    ...if it grooves, record it!

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    I bought my Dokorder in 75, had to sell it for the rent in the 80's but it was best by far THE BEST RECORDER I HAVE OWNED. I played my guitar on each track and it sounded like 4 people were with me, sound on sound and the echoplex. If you know of someone wants to sell one,,,please email me.

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    This piece was a dream of mine to own.
    Almost bought one but decided to go to college instead.

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    I have a Dokorder 7140 which I bought in January of 1973 from, a back-then chain, Stereo Town. Since then I've had to have it serviced just once.
    I'm not aware of any other consumer-priced reel-to-reel 4-Track Quadraphonic recorder. Thought far superior to 2-Channel Stereo, the 4-channel discrete 'Quadraphonic Stereo' format failed to catch on with the public. It died fairly quickly and there isn't much left in the way of Quadraphonic
    recordings or the hardware needed to play them. I still have a Lafayette LR-220 Quadraphonic Stereo receiver, but I've had it in storage for more
    than 20 years now... I just no longer have room to set it up. That receiver produced fantastic Quadraphonic stereo and also has the capability
    to synthicize 4-Channel Quadraphonic from 2-Channel stereo. And I used to have (and maybe still do...?) 4-Channle Quadraphonic headphones.
    That Lafayette receiver and the Dokorder 7140 produced the best sound/effects I've ever had. I feel it's the best consumer format ever. At the
    moment, I'm using the Dokorder 7140 to copy some of the many medleys I've made over the years. After all these years, it's still a great machine.


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    Dokorder 7140

    Does anyone have a User and/or Service Manual for the Dokorder 7140? I purchased the recorder second hand with no documentation.

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