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Thread: Bass Preamp Schematics:

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    Bass Preamp Schematics:

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    Anyone know of a good site with some decent schematics? I need a new project to occupy some time when I can't play, record,etc. (late late night)

    I just bought an Aguilar Bass Pre and I love it, it sounds great, great construction of the unit, the connections are tight, all around great unit, but it's so simple looking it makes me sick, 3 pots, 2 in/out jacks (little black box, not sure what it is (anyone know?), but I've not examined it real closely yet) and the dual 9v battery holder. I'd just like to tinker around and build one. Any info would be appreciated.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Creamyapples1
    Anyone know of a good site with some decent schematics?
    I got this site to come up in a search for schematics for the crossover in my powered monitors:

    ...They look to have one of almost everything...

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