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Thread: Recording MIDI from Yamaha Clavinova CLP-440

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    Question Recording MIDI from Yamaha Clavinova CLP-440

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    My son just recorded Moonlight Sonata on his Yamaha and we opened it in GarageBand on the Mac. He feels like it sounds different than when he plays it on the piano. The recording sounds as though he is holding down the pedal too long, but it is fine as he is playing. I hope that makes sense to someone and you can help us figure out how we can fix this issue.


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    Does it sound correct when played back on the clavinova? Or is this the problem and the recorded performance is just not right. I guess you need to check the file and see if the range of velocities are being used from 0 to 127, and it's not all compressed in the middle range, but if you put the midi file somewhere , I'm happy to check it on a proper piano sampler?

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