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Thread: Newb midi help

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    Newb midi help

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    Ok. So I just purchased an M-Audio Oxygen 8 controller. What I thought was that I would be able to plug it in right away to the USB port and begin to play some things but I think I need software to play instruments I think. It came with Live but I can't get it to work with it. Anyone know any easy to use programs or what I need to simply be able to play some different instruments with this controller? Thanks.

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    Don't know much about Live (I will though eventually) but I do know that the Oxygen8 is only a midi controller. That means there's no sounds in it. All it can do is control. So in order to control it, you'll either need to load sounds up in Live or use VST instruments in Live in order for the Oxygen8 to have something to control. I have one myself and love it with Reason 3 (although it took a while for it to be recognized in the computer).

    Besides Live, what other software are you using or trying to use? That might also be of some help. Anyone who knows Live can step in with more info.
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    Hey. Thanks a bunch for the help. I'm actually going to go and download the demo of Reason and try it out. Installing the controller was a bit difficult but it worked eventually. Also I am using Cool Edit Pro 2.0 to record which is now known as Adobe Audition.

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