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Thread: Midi Instruments..multiple tracks...but no multiple instruments

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    Midi Instruments..multiple tracks...but no multiple instruments

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    Greetings from Tennessee:

    I have a Tascam 1884 Firewired into a XPC music computer and MIDI connection to Yahama P90 Keyboard.
    MIDI is baffling me. I can play multiple MIDI tracks in Sonar 3 sequencer. If they are soloed, then they
    play the instrument I've patched to the track. My problem is I cannot get multiple instruments to play
    all at once. When soloed, the patched instrument plays the MIDI data, but when played with
    two or three other tracks that have drum patch assigned, or Sax patch assigned, they
    all are then played with ONE INSTRUMENT and not different instruments assigned. I have
    been trying to get multiple MIDI sounds from the Yahama to play back on the
    Sonar 3 for days and would appreciate any advice.
    If I assign an instrument to channel two of the 16 MIDI channels it will not play. All of the MIDI
    tracks will only play on channel one. I have tried every combination of patching
    and channeling I can think of. Must be doing something wrong. Is this a
    Sequencer setting issue or Keyboard setting issue? Keyboard is sending and
    receiving MIDI data. If I can get 16 different instruments playing
    16 MIDI data tracks thru the P90 I will be a happy camper--but what a PIA.

    Thanks, Vandy

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    First of all, I'm not familiar with an XPC Music computer. Is it PC based? Mac based? Maybe Linux? Or is it some kind of dedicated hardware that's advanced enough to merit the 'computer' tag without actually having any capabilties that a traditional computer has like word processing or internet access?

    Second, your keyboard WILL play 16 separate instruments at a time. The online manual I downloaded confirms this and say further that it defaults to this mode. Check midi mode F8.2 - 'midi receive' - and make sure it says 'all'.

    Third, set the Tascam control surface aside for the time being. You can reintroduce it when you have a better understanding of the connection between the computer and the keyboard.

    Post again with your answer to my first question - what is an XPC music computer? in HD.

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    Route each Sonar track through it's own channel ie Track 1 - channel 1, track 2 - channel 2, etc by setting the output of each track to it's appropriate channel. Ensure the receiving channels are the same on the P90 and assign the correct voices to each of those channels .
    That should do the trick
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