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Thread: Midi clock software for Mac?

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    Midi clock software for Mac?

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    Looking to sync my Micro Korg arpeggiator with a midi clock device. My DWA is Garageband, which has no "master" capabilities. With that said, anyone know of any good software?

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    I don't use a Mac, but I can't imagine a mature product such as Garageband being unable to reach beyond the walls of 'the box'. Have you tried a simple midi interface --- M-Audio USB Uno 1X1 MIDI Interface | Musician's Friend --- w/Garageband yet? It may well send midi clock by default. If not, there may be a setting in which you can make the Micro Korg the master and Garageband the slave and clock your system that way... in HD.

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    i know i'm bumping an old thread but i have a similar problem/question re: looking for an on-the-go midi clock transmitter.

    i'm thinking of picking up a boss sl-20 slicer and putting it in front of a couple dd-20 giga delays. i can visually program BPM on the DD-20s but not the SL-20. the sl-20 has an xlr MIDI input so i was wondering what sort of software (or hardware?) i could use (preferable iphone but mac osx is fine) to tell the slicer what BPM i want to be playing in. and i don't want to actually hear the drum/beat.

    i am extremely inexperienced with midi so maybe this is obvious?

    quick edit: i'm not messing with DAWs necessarily just jamming. would prefer not be tethered to a computer for the clock.

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