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Thread: Sennheiser E835 or E840?

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    Sennheiser E835 or E840?

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    Currently i own the SM58, but i'm bore and i want something a little different sounding, i've always wanted to get a Sennheiser because my friend's dad has one and I like it sounding, i don't remember what model he has, but it's a 835 or lower.

    The 835 is what everyone know and used, but the 840 on the spec sheet has a wider range of frequency (40-18K vs 40-16K of the 835)

    they're about the same price. i can get the
    Sennheiser E835-S for 110 (S is because it has the on/off switch, other wise the reuglar Sennheiser E835 is about 100)

    The E840 is only 112 (no switch), but there's like no one that ever used it. so i'm kindda worry a bit when i put 112 down on something that no one ever used (and i don't know why).

    So what's a good choice?

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    i've got a couple 835's and sm58's. i don't like my voice through the 58--it hypes the wrong part of the midrange and makes my already nasally voice more so. the 835 is a MUCH better match for my voice.

    i can't speak to the 840, 845 or 865. but i really like the 835 as a good alternative to the 58. i've got one with the switch and one without--they sound the same to me.

    buy used--you should be able to find a used 835 for around $50US.


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