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Thread: Opinions on Shure KSM 32

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    I have been told by a dealer for both Shure and Neumann that the Shure KSM 32 is very comparable to the TLM 103 and he highly recommended it for my purpose of strictly voiceover work.
    Any opinions or known comparisons between the KSM 32 and the likes of TLM 103 or AT 4033?

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    i have used both the tlm103 and the at 4033, and both are good for your application. the neumann gets the nod for cleaner and flatter, but the minor coloration of the 4033 is not necessarily bad. the ksm has been getting some very positive comments over on the vs-planet bbs as an excellent multi-purpose mic, closely rivaling the neumann 103 in both accuracy and sensitivity. my experience has shown me that with mics, you generally get what you pay for, and if you can afford the neumann, buy it. you simply cannot go wrong investing in a neumann. however, before you let go of your money, you might want to consider a coles 4038 ribbon mic for voice-over work - it is a much warmer mic for voice work, which is why they are so common in professional broadcast environments. i use them on flutes, and they are truly superb mics. they run about $1150 new. a good way to make equipment choices is to take a look at the equipment lists for professional studios - most studios have websites that include a complete listing of their gear. you will find the coles 4038s in a number of major studios. you dont see too many 4033s or tlm 103s on those lists. good luck.

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    I've got a pair of 4033s a ksm32 and a tlm103 which I bought last week. Since I got it I've used the tlm103 on 3 vocalists, and I acoustic guitar. It's SWEEEEET. The KSM32 is a fine mic too, and about 400 bucks less. It also came with the shock mount in an aluminum box a pair of sony 7506s thrown in at about 540 bucks. The TLM 103 comes w/o shock suspension which just set me back another 182 bucks, so I've got about 1025 into that after paying taxes.

    The 4033s are too harsh sounding for my taste on many vocals, altho they are better than the KSM32 for certain clients (and they're only about 250). Haven't had those particular folks back since I got the TLM103. Love the 4033s for overheads on drumkit as well as guitar (cabinet or acoustic).

    I can't say it enough, no single mic is going to work for every purpose or even every singer. So as long as you buy quality, get as many different mics to choose from as y9ou can afford.

    Depending on where you live, you can probably rent your candidate mics for a day and see what you find is best value for the money.
    A lot depends on what you already have. If you don't have a matched pair, consider getting either 2 4033s, or 2 ksm32s.

    It really depends on your budget.

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