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Thread: MXL 2006 vs. C-1

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    Question MXL 2006 vs. C-1

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    As I stated in a previous post, I'm starting a little home recording studio designed just to lay vocal tracks, I've been reading various pro's and cons regarding each of these mics and I was wondering which would be a better deal. From what you guys have said the 2006 isn't as a dark a mic as the 67 and overall is a better choice, then I was thinking the C1. Right now I have a B1, what will I expect from the C1 that is different, is it worth the money if I already have a B1? (reviews said compared to the B1, it is specified for more vocal apps.) The music for the vocals I'm trying to record is along the lines or rock/posthardcore stuff like silverstein, hawthorne heights, my american heart, the audition, etc...I have a strong head and midrange voice, so basically I have a high voice. what do you guys think between a 2006 and a C1?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Aggy
    From what you guys have said the 2006 isn't as a dark a mic as the 67 and overall is a better choice,
    Just a comment on the previous comment, in my experience, the 2006 is quite bright compared to a V67G (if this is the one you were referring to). I personally prefer the V67G much more. Have you thought about a V69ME though? I'm sure there will be many other suggestions for vocal mics as well.

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