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Thread: Microphone Advice

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    Ill take another perspective in that the sound is a different compressor and not the mic.
    I went through mics, then preamps and then stumbled on cranking the crap out of my LA2A plug and was like whoooa, there it is.

    So while the mic shootouts payoff and the preamps are fine too, the compression of the two common, overused, and cloned types might be something you enjoy if you havent tried them.

    with that said , could be fun and interesting trying some tube mics or ribbons....

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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    Some Mic suggestions and Signal Chain Suggestion.

    I owned the Lauten Audio LA-320 ($499) and it is a really nice multipurpose mic for the money.
    It does have some noticeable tube coloration but it's not like "47" capsule coloration.

    I sold that and bought a second WARM AUDIO WA-14 ($499).
    The WA-14 is a smoother sounding mic than the LA-320 with PADS and 3-Patterns.

    The sE Electronics 4400A is also in that price range.
    Capsules are hand built and it also has PADS and Patterns.

    Have you considered upgrading your signal chain?

    Many of us here have owned the ART Pro MPA and have at minimum, upgraded the stock tubes to something better (whatever "better" might be...)
    Not sure which dbx you are using but the new ART Pro VLA II has been recommended a million times or more here, based on that price range.

    I recently bought a used PreSonus RC-500 Channel Strip that I've seen as low as $400 on Reverb etc.
    It is quite nice and has an easy to use compression section.
    Definitely a multi-purpose tool!
    Only down side is that the power switch is on the rear. :-(

    I also own 2 Chameleon Labs 7602 MkII Channel Strips that are based on the Neve Channel Strip.
    No Compression but the EQ is outstanding and I''ve seen them as low as $400.

    I mention signal chain as the Neumann is a nice mic but perhaps it needs "new car"? ;-)

    PS-sE Voodoo VR1 ($399) is a great ribbon mic for the money and it, too, is hand built with an off-set ribbon design that adds some highs not found on the ribbons you mentioned. I own one and would like to have 2.

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