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Thread: Looking to buy a mic

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    The most useless mic to buy is in my humble opinion, anything with USB after the model number. You can't record stereo, you can't use two or more at the same time, you cannot use them at a distance, you can't use them in front of very loud things, and pretty much all they're useful for is one mic - press record and speak into them. I have one and loads of ordinary mics and the USB one actually sounds quite nice, but is just a bit pointless.

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    I'm not sure why you think condenser mics are better quality than dynamics, both have their uses , and both work equally well in the recording realm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparky123 View Post
    I'm not sure why you think condenser mics are better quality than dynamics, both have their uses , and both work equally well in the recording realm.
    Capacitor microphones have a much wider frequency response than most dynamics. The SDCs especially can be within a few dB from 30Hz to 20kHz and a wide, flat response is a pre-requirement of any audio system with claims to high fidelity. Then most capacitor mics have a much greater sensitivity than dynamics which means the noise level for a given sound level is generally better though I will concede that a really top line pre can give very good results. Ultimately though, if you want THE lowest noise system you look to the NT1a and its ilk.


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    Look up Audient ID4.. I got one about a month ago.
    The mic/pre and DI,,, shocked me!!

    I just got my mics back and use the mic/pre for the first time with a MXL V67g and a SP B1.
    It loved that V67g or vice versa!! lol

    Strap it Cross Dat Stereo Buss !!

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    When buying a mic. think things through fully, as a cheap mic. can end up being expensive in the long run.

    First you need a decent interface to the computer - the Focusrite Scarlett range are good value for money here and have 48V phantom power included.

    When it comes to the mic. itself, I always advise getting the best you can afford. Unlike most other things, microphones are a mature technology so don't need replacing. I still use mics I bought when I first started recording back in the 1970s and have never needed to replace them because I bought the best I could at the time - yes, I have added many more and more expensive mics over the years but my old pair of Beyer M67 mics that I bought over 40 years ago are still good.

    If you buy too cheap, it will be in the bin in a few years and you will have to buy again.

    So think carefully and get the best you can afford now and won't be unhappy using in many years time.

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