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Thread: Grateful Dead stage mics?

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    Grateful Dead stage mics?

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    I caught a snippet of the Grateful Dead Movie on PBS the other night. For vocals they used a pair of mics, one over the other, but only sang in the upper mic.

    Does anyone know what kind of mics they were? Why did they use two each?

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    I don't know what kind they were- I think Sennheiser or beyer. The purpose was for their PA- It was onstage behind them, and they used it as a monitor system as well. The bottom mic picked up the sound from the PA, reversed it, and blended it with the vocal mic. It was supposed to help with feedback.

    From Grandpa Lee, originally posted on ProSoundWeb:

    Initially they were Sennheiser MD201 dynamic omnis, later replaced by small diaphram B&K instrumentation condensers.

    "For the differential microphone thing to work the two microphones had to be as closely matched as possible and the singer needed to stay right on top of the "working" microphone element.

    The better matched the microphones were the more of the "difference" was the vocal.

    It was found after a while that the condensation from the singer's breath on the the top micrphone threw the mikes out of calibration mid show. So, in typical, "over the top Grateful Dead crew style :-)" a way was found to heat the diaphram of the top mike to keep the condensation from building up."
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