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Thread: Fake SM57?

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    Fake SM57?

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    Recent pawn shop "score", no case or clip-just the mic. Seeing some things I don't like but I'm definitely not an expert! Had a pair of SM57's swiped last week (which is why I bought this one) so I don't have a legit one to compare this to.


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    The only test worth doing is using your ears. The good ones are very good, and if they perform ok - then use it. I've compared the legit SM58s I have going back a VERY long time, and the weights and internals do change over the years, so a catagoric yes in almost impossible. The others jump out as just poor sounding, poor looking or poor everything.

    I'm familiar enough with them to simply be happy or unhappy with the sound, and if you had two, I guess you probably can do the same. If you paid peanuts and it sounds good - it is good. Nobody pays a lot for a second hand 57 - this one looks very new and shiny, which is a bit odd. Second hand 57s rarely look new.

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    I had an experience with a fake 57 a while back...It's pictured in one of the similar threads (bottom of page).
    As Rob said, the first give away was the sound. Hollow/honkey/cheap.

    When I split the mic in the middle and desoldered the leads it became pretty obvious that the capsule end was a lot lighter than it should be.
    After removing the plastic cap and withdrawing the capsule assembly from the chassis, I realised it was just hollow.

    The real capsule should be pretty heavy and almost fill the length of the barrel, right down to that little plate and solder points that you've pictured.
    My fake just had an empty plastic placeholder and a tiny disc style element up front.

    If you're prepared to break it down one step further, I'd check that. (A few things in the pics make me think it'd be worth while...)
    You wouldn't even need to remove the cap etc. Just remove the pictured hex, desolder, lift the little plate out, and check if what's behind it is solid metal or hollow plastic.
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    Took it for a spin this morning on a Marshall cabinet, and compared it to recordings I'd made on the same cabinet with other SM57's...if it's a copy, it's a pretty good one at that! Since I only paid $59 for it, it's a keeper. Thanks all!

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