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Thread: China Mics! Would you?

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    gtoboy...I see a box for the 800 series of MXL those were/are great mics, used on the "Jam in the Van" series and I had one and enjoyed the JaminttheVan.
    890 or something, a huge mic like a U47 body, but they were kind of pricey until they cleareanced them out.

    check it Jam in the Van my favorite was Devil and St Paul... abunch of good tracks.

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    A lot of boutique builders do outsource parts. Most are made where they can keep their costs within a range where they can both make a few bucks as well as offer a product that they have control of the quality. There's a big trend now to outsource the....pc boards, transformers, capsules, etc, inspect, test and assemble here. Of course this does drive up the prices but a hands on assembly of a quality mic that will be easily serviced by the manufacturer without posting to someplace across the oceans is always going to cost 'something'....and be worth it.

    Personally I own a veritable smorgasbord of mics built all over the world....America, China, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Mexico, and California........
    Chord with this, Teddy......

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    China mics

    Quote Originally Posted by mactreouser View Post
    I'm curious whether you guys have 1 China Mic or 2 or 3?
    Like espresso makers, kitchen appliances, cheap tablets and lots of other things, unless the US company is on site watching quality-control carefully, the quality varies dramatically from mic to mic of the same model #. Worst offenders are importers who slap their name on a mic and have no involvement in the factory. But even worse yet are the direct-from China deals that look great but have crap inside and ficticious specs. So you will get one post saying "go for it!" and another saying "run away!"

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    I have one of the Apex 460 versions, different name printed n it (Badaax) and for the money or really any money the microphone is really nice. And then a buddy brought one over, different company, but same thing, not quite as good. I think the major difference is that unlike the classic companies, who reject a fair amount of capsules the Chinese tend to be less stringent and basically if it passes current then it passes inspection, so there is more variance. I would suggest ordering through Amazon, their return policy is the gold standard, never an argument or a question why. And usually the lowest price as well. I feel for those who have to compete with them. Obviously you get no guidance or suggestions, but plenty of wrong information is passed on by well-meaning sales people at more music-related outlets. A tube microphone for less than 200 bucks, uh, for someone who has been around a while that didn't even seem possible at one time......

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    I have a small diaphragm Avantone CV-28 tube condenser mic. It is one of the best in my locker for acoustic piano, drums and acoustic guitar. Comes with three capsules. An excellent Chinese made product. I'm very particular about using pro-level microphones, and Avantone makes several that meet those standards.


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