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Thread: cheapy-cheap-cheap capacitor mic

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    cheapy-cheap-cheap capacitor mic

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    Got another sample of the very common BM-800 mic a few days ago but been distracted by the FABULOUS Magix offer.

    I did a quick test, "Plain in Spain" at 2" directly into the 3.5mm jack of this i3 HP g6 lappy. Got around -20dBFS and the noise floor just setting the mic down and shutting tfup was about -60dBFS. That would be better in a dead quiet room I have no doubt.

    Playback revealed no spikes or other artifacts but of course, results are very dependant upon the quality of the laptops sound channel. Later today I shall use it conventionally on my KA6 with 48V and try to establish a valid noise figure.

    My impression was that the claimed -28dB (25mV) sensitivity is very optimistic ! I shall A/B it with an AKG P150 when Sam permits!

    For those not in the know? These microphones are on offer all over the net and in various guises and model #s . When the work they are quite acceptable IMHO, but there have many reports of poor performance even non workers. I guess for 20 quid you have to expect less than stellar QC!

    Be back with more info ASAP.


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