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Thread: Can I damage condenser mic by phantom power supply connected over unbalanced XLR cabl

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    Quote Originally Posted by joey2000 View Post
    I have no idea what that means but referring to me as a kid was oddly funny and tragic (ie its inaccuracy) at the same time.

    Also moot! And really you highlight my point: I get why things were a mess back when...not now. With all of our advances I'd think we would have one freaking cable type, one or perhaps two connector types, period. Standardization has been a hot topic in high-tech for a long time now. We may have come a long way but it aint far enough!
    The remark was a general one Joe! It would have applied to me at 60 ten years ago WRT computers!

    We HAVE come a long way with standards. The problem was caused by manufacturers trying to force everyone to use THEIR products and we have seen this in respect of power supplies. Wall rats and line lumps. There is NO technical reason for the vast variety of voltages, current capabilities and connector types. Thank fk most are now +ve centre (except pedals!) We only really need 5V at an amp, 12 V at 2 amps for the vast ,majority of devices.

    Mnfctrs have, over the years tried to 'cash in' by inventing new connection protocols..Whither mLan now? (actually seeded much of the research into Audio over Internet. Bloody good article in the current SoS about Dante et al)

    There will always be variants and specials. Most of us don't need star quad cable but it should be there for them as does.

    I lived through the total farce that was Quadraphonics. Competition might be a good thing in economic theory but it can also waste a fucking SHEDLOAD of money, time and resources!


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    A shorted cable can damage input of the preamp, if inserted with phantom on, because input capacitor sends -48V to the base of the input transistor. A simply clamp diode for each transistor avoid any damage.

    If a microphone has an output transformer, a shorted cable can magnetize its core, because magnetic flux become unbalanced between the coils.

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