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Thread: Babyface vs USBpre2? (For preamp quality, etc)

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    Babyface vs USBpre2? (For preamp quality, etc)

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    Hey all.

    I keep hearing that the two 'best' interfaces in the mid price range are the RME babyface and the SD USBPre2. My question is, hwo do they compare to each other? I know the babyface offers a LOT more channels, plus MIDI, whilst the USBPre2 only offers 2 channels and no midi. From a UK standpoint, the USBPre2 is also nearly £100 more expensive than the babyface.

    Seeing as the babyface seems to win in connectivity features, how do they compare for sheer quality? The SD unit looks a lot more well built, but how about it's A/D D/A converters and preamps? Do they blow the babyface's out of water, or is it so close that they might as well as be even? How about the latency?

    Was just wondering as I'm going to drop the ball on either one shortly, but I have no idea which one I should go for (I'm basically looking for pure quality, doubt I'd need more than 2 channels anyway, although it IS nice to have them there)

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    Inquisitive minds want to know.

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    I record mostly mandolin and guitar. I have a Firestudio Project and a Babyface. I bought the Babyface hoping it would be the "Holy Grail" of interfaces that the reviews indicated. I would say the Babyface has a bit more detail than the Firestudio but to my ears it was a very subtle upgrade from the Firestudio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by omtayslick View Post
    Inquisitive minds want to know.
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