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Thread: audio technica MB4000C

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    Has anyone ever tried the audio technica MB4000C on vocal? I sing bass in a gospel quartet and enjoy practice using my PC to record with n-track. I've read all the post but never have seen anything on this mic. I realize you probably can't get much of a condenser mic but for under $100 I thought I might try it.

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    If the 4000c is the audio Technica Midnight blues condenser mike, then I have one of those.

    It's not so bad. It's no AT4033 which I also have. But I don't hear any difference between the at3525 and the 4000c.

    I still use it when stereo miking my acoustic guitar. I've found it useful for recording vocals, but not since I've gotten the 4033. But it doesn't need phantom if you use just one double AA battery.

    I have SM 57's, so to anyone who would say get SM 57's instead, the 4000c is a different mike. It sounds like a condenser. But if you don't have more $$ it can hold you over until you do.

    Jett Rocker

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    AT MB4000C

    This mic does not compare to the AT4050, but the $45 that I paid for this mic (I've seen it being sold for as much as $99), gave me a pleasant surprise.

    If price is a consideration, then it would be difficult to find a better mic than the at4000c. I saw it being sold for about $50 in the catalogue out of Florida.

    This mic works quite well on instruments as well as vocals.

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