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Thread: Apex 430 cap replacements

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    Quote Originally Posted by antichef View Post
    One other question that was bugging me -- you'll notice the blue plastic toggle switch on the first circuit board picture -- it's totally enclosed by the housing, but appears to be functional. In the schematic, left hand side, you'll see two switches -- S1, and S2. S2 is clearly a cardioid/omni switch, and my mic doesn't have that (I think the Apex 420, which shares the schematic, does), so I'm thinking the switch we see is S1 -- would that be a bass rolloff? That's what I think it is, based on messing with it.
    Yup. Lift the sticker and you'll see the markings.

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    Parts look OK.
    R11, C10 interesting

    I was told some of the early MXL 2001s came with better caps I have not checked that yet.

    The transformer bobbin looks different than some china transformers I have seen, note the tabs to help hold the lams together. The lams look more refective and the tape is not yellow like other china transformers I have seen.

    I would use it stock before changing anything. Take notes what you like or don't like.

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