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Thread: Anyone use AKG D660S mics for recording?

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    Question Anyone use AKG D660S mics for recording?

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    hey folks!

    i just ordered a presonus firebox to get sound into my computer and the deal came with two AKG D660S dynamic cardioide mics. i was originally planning on buying a couple of 57s or 58s for studio recording (mostly vocals and acoustic guitar), but now i've got these akg's coming, so i'm trying to find out if i should waste my time and energy trying to get decent sound out of them, or if i should just resell them and buy some condensor mics...ANY thoughts would be much appreciated!

    here's a link to the product description:,EN.html

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    They are the low end of AKG's emotion series. My advice is first, listen to them. If you like them, keep them. If not, sell one on ebay for about $30-50. Keep the other one for a talkback mic. Recording in a room, if I have a friend or client with headphones on, I need a mic to talk to them, and it's good if it has a switch on it. Good mics usually don't have switches, and they are handy for talkback.-Richie

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