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Thread: AKG C535EB - Anyone use this for vocals?

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    AKG C535EB - Anyone use this for vocals?

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    Its seems like these mics get the good word from users. I was wondering if anyone who has used this mic as a vocal mic for recording ever compared it to other mics in their war chest? Does it have a unique character or does sound as good as XXXX mic? Its a popular live condenser but does it get equal billing as a recording mic?

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    The 535 is good stage vocal mic, especially favored by women vocalists because it is rather bright and can cut through the mix to be heard in a live performance setting. Unfortunately, this same characteristic makes it pretty "spitty" when used for recording. I've mixed a number of shows that were recorded live using 535s, and I've always found that my de-essers got a good workout in the process. The 535 really tends toward sibilance.

    I used a pair recently as drum overheads, and they worked very nicely for that application.

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