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Thread: Which piano module?

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    Which piano module?

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    I want to buy a dedicated piano sample playback module. Buying a sampler is not an option, as I would like to keep the purchase price around $100 or less used. Looking around, these seem to be my options:

    * Alesis NanoPiano
    * Kurzweil Micro Piano
    * Oberheim Mini Grand
    * E-mu Proformance/1

    I'm not interested in how many sounds are in the module, just the quality of the primary piano sound. I'm leaning towards the NanoPiano, but I'd like as much feedback as possible before I commit to pursuing a particular unit.

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    DAVID VESEL -- synthpop recording artist
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    Smile Micro...

    I'd say use the Micro-Piano...
    I've found the sounds to have a good array of different style pianos...
    There's a really nice warm piano that I enjoyed...
    And most of them are individually sampled so the note tones in each register seem pretty accurate...

    Micro... Get the Micro...

    Hope this helps....

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    Thumbs up Kurzweil

    I haven't heard the Oberheim so I can't say anything about it.

    I have played each of the other three and the Kurzweil has the best piano sounds of them. I haven't heard of anyone using the E-Mu anymore, the NanoPiano's not bad, but I'd say go for the MicroPiano.

    I use the Kurzweil and when I played along with a Tori Amos cd, sometimes it was hard to tell which was me and which was her Bosendorfer. It has some other really nice sounds as well.

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    The Nano only sounds good layered.

    The Micro is hands down my favorite.

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