Hi there all keyboard obscessed!

Well I haven't upgraded yet to the newer Yamaha keyboard cuz my PSR 510 is still alive and kickin! I do not have the owners manual for this keyboard, although I wrote Yamaha to see if I can get it. I'm trying to get MIDI fluent with it, and now that my song is recorded in the keyboard, I'm wondering what the next step I do after I connect the keyboard with my PC.

I read "Cakewalk" software should be used for getting the MIDI working. Basically on the keyboard, I have a Left and Right MIDI out tabs. Then I have this Receive tab - has this description CH/CL/COM with some mode options underneath. I'm just wondering, would I connect the keyboard up (song recorded in it), then use Cakewalk to download the song in the PC, or do I press my MIDI out tabs - but then, the lights would go out.

Also, does anyone know what this does - Page#, MIDI bulk/dump tab.

Now if you are obscessed keyboard fan, like me, I would love to hear from you. It's my love and sure is yours no doubt.

Chippy (because you need it)