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Thread: Korg n364 floppy drive

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    Unhappy Korg n364 floppy drive

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    Hello my korg n364's floppy drive is not working, I couldn't find a new one with belt. Can you tell me whether the belted floppy drives are avilable now or not? or is there any chance to upgrade my n364 from floppy to some other storage solution please help me

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    Have you tried using a floppy cleaner??? Or is this thing plain junk??? I've never had to replace my korg drives (thought I did once, but cleaning it saved the day). I've always had good luck with Korg Parts They are the official Korg parts supplier, and can get you just about any part you need (even if you don't see it on the website). Give 'em a call, and they'll connect you with a Korg tech who will give all the answers you will ever need on the subject. I can't imagine it will be too expensive (and what's a $100 to keep an awesome synth like this alive anyways).
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