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Thread: Koestler Harmophone?

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    Koestler Harmophone?

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    Has anyone, besides me, ever heard of/seen/owned one of these little "suitcase" organs? I found mine at an antiques dealer, about 3 years ago, and all that I really know is, it was made before 1989 in West Germany (the "west" designation's what gave me a guess about the age <G>).

    To describe it, just a bit...

    It's a 49-key, wind over reed compact organ, that when the power cord is properly stowed, the whole thing closes up in the case it's built into, and it looks like a small suitcase. It's sound is like that of a Magnus chord organ 'cept the Harmophone don't have chord buttons, like a Magnus does.

    In the future, I do plan to record something with this thing...just whatever the result, it will be some sort of "silly song." I really don't see doing anything in the serious least any "serious" type of music would be short phrases.

    Basically, I just wanted to find out, if possible, more information about this organ. Oh...and it fits quite nicely on top of my Hammond M2 (that I really wish was a B3/122).
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    Another Harmophone found

    I just bought one of these on eBay for $40. Received it today and it's a very cool toy. Does anyone know any more than they did two years ago?


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