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Thread: Refret or New Warmoth Neck

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    Refret or New Warmoth Neck

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    I have a 80's Kramer that is on it's last legs as far as frets go. I've had a fret dressing twice now and it's getting near that time... The luthier said I have a problem with the scarf joint and something about a bump on the first fret which I can't see/feel and a refret is not recommended - not sure what that means...

    Any opinions - should I push for a refret (not sure if he'd do it)....or discuss a new warmoth pro neck.

    It's my #1 guitar and I want to keep it and the neck is super familiar/comfortable.

    I'm confused...
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    It depends on who is doing it. If you are doing it yourself, a new neck may be the better option. It's time consuming, but if you are careful it is easier than a refret. If you are having it done by a good repair shop, the refret will probably be less expensive. We've been doing this in our shop for 38 years come April 1st (yes, we opened on April Fools Day), and we've made every mistake you can make. We've also learned from them. If I tell you gluing a bridge together is a bad idea, I'm not just guessing.


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    Ask him what problem thereis with the "scarf joint" and report back. Any problem with a "hump" around the first fret can and should be fixed with a re-fret.

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    I have a Warmoth neck on my new guitar and its great, just make sure that you know the measurements of the neck if you want to get one as close to your old one.

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    A neck on you're favorite guitar is such a personal thing that I would say find a repair person that can do the refret-and one with quite a bit of experience. The rosewood-I have been told-is easier to do than a maple neck, I had my sunburst Fender Strat refretted several years ago-and it's a maple neck-and it turned out beautifully.
    A new neck would be fine, but you have the years of playing on you're original neck, that is a feeling that will be hard to duplicate with a new neck.
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    Oh man, lovely Kramer. They are the business.

    The neck is probably the part you like best - so I would refret for sure. Kramer necks do sometimes have issues with their joints, but nothing that can't be fixed (it's just wood!).

    Check out a dude called Warren from Southeast Guitars, he makes spot on Kramer replicas and has the knowledge.. and just started making necks too I believe. Also check out the Kramer forum, they are all good dudes and will give you the truth - many of them are in your situation!

    That said, Warmoth necks (if they fit your axe) are pretty nice too, I wouldn't hesitate getting one, but since you like what you have now I wouldn't go changing it, cos the neck contributes so much to the feel, and you might lose what you got! Well, IMO.

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    If you've been playing and loving this guitar for 20+ years, go with the refret, and have it done by a good luthier. It may cost you most of the price of a replacement neck but think of the money this guitar has saved you. Many of us here have spent thousands of dollars looking for a tone and feel we can love for 20 years. It wouldn't matter if this guitar was a squire.

    Get a second opinion on the scarf joint.
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    There is nothing to fear from a refret, as long as it's done by a qualified person. It will improve the playability and you'll love it.

    Don't forget that you have the option of experimenting with a different fret size, and you can also go with stainless frets if you want them to go a long time.
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