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Thread: How Many Guitars do you own

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    rackcase4 is offline Registered User
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    Aug 2009
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    I have 3. one fender electric guitar, and 2 gibson guitars.

    I bought them long time ago, they are also protected very well by the guitar flight cases.

    Some one like this,

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    Terry Wetzel's Avatar
    Terry Wetzel is offline Senior Member
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    Feb 2009
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    I own a total of 8 guitars which include:
    1)An early 60's Tele.
    2)A James Burton signsture Tele.
    3)A 63 Mosrite Ventures.
    4)A Gretsch, G5120
    5)A Fender(Squire Strat).
    6)A Morales 12 string,(Mosrite copy).
    7)An Ovation Celebrity.
    8)A noname acoustic 6 string>(Iv'e had it so long the name has worn off).
    Plus a fender P bass and a Rickenbacher bass.
    I guess some might call me a collector. I've never sold a guitar and once owned a '57 Strat, A Les Paul Gold top and a Gretsch Duojet which were stolen.
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    gethypedmusic is offline You Have No Idea.....
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    Oct 2008
    Nunya, WA
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    I own 0. Id like one though
    Who are you? Call me when you've accomplished what I have on my own.... then we will talk.

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    MK-Ultra is offline Fungenitally Fool
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    Oct 2000
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    Total now; 15. Just got a clone of a Ricky 330/12, for 333.00. Had a bone nut put in, proper setup, and it is worth every yuan that some poor schmuck in Asia got paid to make it.

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    dodgeaspen is offline Why 2K?
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    Dec 2008
    Covington, Oh
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    I voted 0 because I don't know how to play.

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    cephus's Avatar
    cephus is offline Slow Children Playing
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    Sep 2004
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    I was thinking I had 16, but I can only remember 14. I have 2 that someone else would think was cool. I have a few more that I really think are cool, but no one else would cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire. The rest are from the island of lost toys. No one wants a charlie in the box, right?

    What's funny is that lately, one of my favorite guitars to play is arguably one of the shittiest. I have this HH squier strat that I put 11s on a few months ago and that thing just calls out to me. I have a couple Peavey T-60s that sound great and play very nicely, but I just can't play out with them. It's hard to switch from rhythm to lead with them. I think SSS strats have spoilt me in that respect. I am kind of sick of them, but they have they really do cover rhythm and lead transitions better than any other guitar I've played. I think my EPI 295 is the last guitar I bought and the honeymoon isn't over yet. I like how that guitar makes me play. Actually the way it makes me feel when I play it. P90s in a hollowbody is like a caveman guitar or something.

    Unfortunately, I laid open my left index finger carving pumpkins thursday. It is still really sore. Yesterday, I really wanted to play and rushed the healing a bit. I split it open again. I am trying to be cool at least until this thursday to play again. Maybe a good time to work up my slide chops again.

    Do not read this.

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    Victory Pete is offline Banned
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    Mar 2009
    Rhode Island
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    3 acoustics, 2 basses and 7 electrics. I might be forgetting one,

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    jbal122819 is offline New Member
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    Jul 2005
    Hamden, Ct
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    Great topic - it forced me to count up :
    1. 71' LesPaul Deluxe
    2. 07 LesPaul DC Pro
    3. 77' Gibson L6-S
    4. 70's Guild D-25
    5. 04' Taylor 512ce
    6. 09 Martin D-15
    7. 03 Ovation Celebrity
    8. 90's Fender MIM Tele
    9. 04' Fender Custom Tele HH
    10. Carvin Strat
    11. 09 PRS Semi-Hollow SE Soapbar
    12. 90's Vantage Elec 12 string
    13. 90's Vantage 335 copy - Natural
    14. 90's Vantage 335 copy - Black
    15. 90's Vantage neck thru Bass
    16. 90's Vantage bolt neck Bass
    17. 05' Fender Jazz Bass
    18. 40's Epiphone 4 string Tenor
    Heck, I have way too many to ever play - help, I'm overwhelmed !!!
    all I need is one more guitar

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    Skykrab is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2009
    So. MD
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    2 Brian Moore C-90.1.3
    1 TA Drop Top Classic
    1 TA Drop Top w/Floyd
    1 Suhr Classic
    1 Brian May Guild Sig.
    1 EBMM Axis
    1 Dean Cadillac 25 Aniv.
    1 Manson Tele
    1 ESP Vintage Strat+
    1 PRS CE22
    1 Jeff Beck Strat
    1 Jackson SL-3
    1 Taylor T5-12
    1 Taylor 855
    1 Taylor 514ce
    1 Taylor N34
    1 EBMM Stingray HH5
    1 Fernandez Nomad Deluxe
    1 Hamer Cruise bass

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    pompeyboy is offline Registered User
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    Nov 2009
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    Well... I had to think about this, but

    Steinberger GL4T black
    Steinberger GL4T white
    Steinberger GL2T white
    Fender Tele '66
    Fender Tele '07
    Godin Multiac Nylon ACS
    Fox Amazona Classico
    Takamine EN 10C
    Hohner Jack bass
    Dean 5 string bass
    Macafferri G40 archtop
    Gordon Smith SG2
    Kiso Suzuki Classical
    RISA electric soprano ukelele
    Harmony mandolin
    Handmade Thai 'Phinn'
    Starfire acoustic bass
    Unknown make custom strat

    .......and no girlfriend!!!!

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