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Thread: 3 Guitar Stand

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    3 Guitar Stand

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    Hercules Guitar Stand GS432B

    Picked one up from Long and McQuade yesterday ($83 w/tax). Christmas gift card :-) The rubber was wearing off my old one.
    Works pretty good....
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    I gotta get me one or two of those! Thanks!
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    They are on Ebay all the time.

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    I had one of those, about 15 years ago. My son gave it to me for my birthday- his primary means of transportation was his mountain bike (he was about 14 at the time,) and so as to surprise me, he biked from our house in uptown New Orleans to Lakeside Shopping center in Metairie- only about 10 miles, but that trip required some pretty serious urban-assult- type riding. That was where he found the best price- then he biked back to our house, after strapping it to his bike. The shop owner told me later that he was quite impressed by David's determination and resourcefulness.

    Sorry I sold it, not so much because of the utility of the stand, but because my son put so much of himself into the gift.
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    Interesting design. Looks good.

    I have a few of the usual single stands scattered about, but I also like to make things myself. The one at the back of this pic holds 5 and was made from left over wood in the workshop, so didn't really cost anything. The space at the back keeps the headstocks away from the wall and gives space to drop some gig bags in. Seems to work OK.


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