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Thread: U-Bass

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nola View Post
    Haha. Yeah. I noticed he only plays single notes, though. I can't imagine playing fretless chords, especially something like elaborate jazz chords. That would be so nuts.
    It sounded good, though, Farview.
    I've seen a violinist making chords. It was a Vivaldi concerto and a lot of those rapid notes are basically arpeggios. The soloist clearly had it Sussed. I was surprised at how little her left hand was doing so I watched carefully and I noticed she would make a chord shape for a couple of bars than switch to another and those rapid notes came primarily from her bowing. Superb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robus View Post
    What about one of those little basses you see in a mariachi band?
    Ah.. the guitarrón. This one has 6 multi-colored strings. Check out the action..! A bit awkward, IMO.

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    mh0mffz-jpg i get older, my equipment gets smaller

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