Continuing is the Deluxe Reverb.


This would be my desert island amp. It's the same thing as above, Tele soloed then the mix. I'm using the SM 57 and the e906 and panning them opposite. I didn't like the sound of the delay pedal into the front end, so here's with the amp's spring reverb only.

Volume is between 4 and 5, which is where this amp begins to break up. The contrast with the Princeton is striking. I went cleaner this time. Have to say it, I think the Tubemeister is still winning this shootout.

Te DRRI 906 57 blend_solo then mix.mp3 - Google Drive

Maybe a tiny bit of phase cancellation happening between two mics? Hmm.

Here are a couple of odds and ends, same setup as the previous. The solo part is from a song that's finished and in Dave's queue for drums. It'll show up at the Clinic one of these days. Guitar soloed, then the mix. I let the mix clip run on a little longer, as I'm happy with the guitars generally on this song.

Te DRRI 906 57 blend_lets ride solo then mix.mp3 - Google Drive

I'm not sure the Deluxe is right for this solo. My go-to for that kind of spanky, Tele-ish solo thing is the Trace-Elliot Velocette. It has an uncanny ability to sit low in a busy mix and still cut through clearly, whereas you can hear the Deluxe is getting a bit lost. I'll retrack with the Velocette and post the results.