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Thread: Heard a funny joke about guitarists

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    Heard a funny joke about guitarists

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    In this guy's video.

    Q: How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: All of them. One to change it, and the rest to say "pshh, I could change that so much faster."

    He makes a lot of very good points in the video, and it is worth watching the entire thing, but I thought that was funny. It is interesting how much machismo competition there is in guitars. Is this true in other instruments? It seems unique to guitars.

    To get something out of this thread instead of just a funny joke, I'd be curious to hear how you guys rank things like speed and technique over other aspects like phrasing and melody. I'd also be curious to hear if those of you in piano, sax, jazz etc have the same level of competition as guitar players, and if not, why is guitar unique in that regard.

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    Speed - mostly just wankering, and many times its the 'techniques' they are also doing. When the song is over, do you remember anything about how the guitarist played or what it sounded like? Bet you say 'yes' after listening to an Hendrix tune, and 'no' after an Eric Johnson tune.
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