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Thread: using patchbays

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    using patchbays

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    the way i have mine set up with a Neutrik NYS-SPP-L

    1-2 Monitors L+R
    3-4 Main outs from interface L+R
    5-12 Subgroup outs from mixer
    13-20 Ins from interface
    21 Out from mic pre
    22-23 Ins and outs from EQ

    my point is, when i see pictures of studios they typically do not have the whole front of the patchbay filled with cords... in my case i do

    am i missing something

    OH also i have it set up as normalled - half normalled and i only use the top inputs on both the front and back ... whats the purpose of the bottom inputs ??

    try to make sense of this .. bear with me lol
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    One, two and three.

    Why do you make me do your Googling for you? You must have learned by now that Google is your friend and mine too.

    PS- pro studios have boards with a whole lot more channels than you probably do and thus a whole lot more full normalled patch bays. in HD.

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    I have a meager little setup that I use a patchbay with. Since I am waiting for a new piece (Mackie 400F) I spent some time reorganizing what I wanted to accomplish. So I drew up what I wanted first. I have a proco patchbay that is switchable so I can go from normal, half-normal, open & parallel. I would say that with nothing connected on the front of the patchbay everything should work - at least thats how mine is. Here's a pdf of mine, might give you some ideas, note: there might be some bugs in this plan as I have it only half wired up and no 400f yet.
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