The title's a mouthful, but this company makes a slew of cheap enclosures, so wanted to be specific.

This particular model appears to be a few years old. I got it for $59.71USD via NewEgg along with a couple of 3TB WD drives. It all arrived yesterday and has been humming along for just about 24 hours, so I can't vouch for reliability, but so far, so good.

There are some negative reviews but overall it seems to get a decent number of happy customers. I have a cheap Oyen Digital controller/enclosure for 2.5" drives but it's almost $100 and I was looking to go as cheaply as possible. Whether that was a mistake or not I guess I'll find out, or not, but enough folks said they'd managed to replace a drive using RAID 1 (as I have set it up), and it worked as advertised. That's all I need.

It all popped together just like it should and I had zero problems configuring it. Just follow the instructions in the order they're numbered!

It's got a fan, which was another selling point, since I keep wondering about the fanless 2.5" rig - so much I actually have it running unenclosed. But, the fan adds a little noise, though I don't have SSDs so on a relative scale, both those spinning 2.5" drives are not quiet enough to keep sitting out. So, I've got the 2.5" RAID (for audio) sitting in a closet, and that's where the new one will go when the 15' cable I just ordered arrives. In the mean time I can just turn it off most of the time because it will only be holding video projects, and that's only something I tackle a couple times a month.

The one thing I discovered was that because the case has a USB 3.0 A-B connector, I couldn't find a flat USB cable, while flat A-microB cables are easy to find. It's still going to go under the rug, but it's a rug on the side of the room with just a guitar stand on it, so not really going to be walked over. I guess somewhere there's a microB-B adapter but, you know, cheapness...