If I am doing both Live and Studio Recording for both Classical and Baroque Violin what is the best setup at a reasonable price? Right now I have 2 tube preamps specifically the ART TPS II and the Tube MP Project series with usb. I have an Audio-Technica 4040 Condensor Mic. For recording interfaces I have the Roland Octa-Capture, Roland Duo Capture Ex, and I have the H4N PRO. The H4N Pro I definately don't him and haw about, but the tube preamps I definately do as I have had noise issues with them all, but I do see more warmth in tone. Does Anyone have the best way to set things up? And a Ribbon mic what for suggestions for that? Probably like others have said the one thing I have noticed is that straight into both the octacapture and the duo capture ex seems almost too electronic. Any input would be appreciated.