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    can you tell me a rack module that has a nice 808 drum and snare

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    the novation drumstation (or the cosmetically updated version, the d-station).

    spot on 808 bass and snare drums.

    really, it's got the full compliment of 808 and 909. eight total outputs, i believe. can din sync your old roland boxes.

    it's midi only (you'll have to sequence it with something -- i suggest the korg er-1 electribe) - no internal sequencer, but that's pretty common on a lot of boxes.

    find the old models - the versions that are the DRUMSTATION (not the D-station, a change only so it'd fit into the current novation naming scheme) - and you can score one for under $200. add an ER-1 for, like, $150, and you've got 808 and 909 glory with a sequencer that's pretty good and close to the x0x style, for less than $400.

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    This isn't rack mount, but you might want to check out the MV-8000. Kind of like an MPC but much better in my opinion.

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