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    EBS Drome 12 - You Only Need One!

    by ziggybass
    04-12-2014 20:42
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=11737" alt="" title="EBS Drome 12 - You Only Need One!" /></p>EBS DROME Manufactured 2006 Sweden 150 Watts Combo Amp. It's the size of a small home 40 watt Peavy and weighs less that a 60 watts Peavey. I have spoken to owners of the new Chinese built EBS Drome Classic's and they state they have a product as least as good as My Swedish built Drome

    Laney DP100 - have it 23years, great amp...

    by phil.maher.731
    08-02-2014 01:11
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=24975" alt="" title="Laney DP100 - have it 23years, great amp..." /></p>100w into 8ohm

    Ampeg SVT-6 Pro - Awesome!

    by TylerNutter21
    12-24-2013 14:41
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=38636" alt="" title="Ampeg SVT-6 Pro - Awesome!" /></p>Ampeg SVT 6 Pro Bass head RMS Power Output (8 Ohms): 750-Watts RMS Power Output (4 Ohms): 1100-Watts Preamp: Tubes (2 x 12AX7) Driver Tubes: 2 x 12AU7, 2 x 12AX7 Power Amp: Solid State Tone Controls: Bass and Treble Mid Tone Control: 4-Band Semi-Parametric Ultra Low/High Boosts: Yes Balanced Line Out: Yes, Pre/Post with Level and Ground Lift Effects Loop: Yes Preamp Out/Power Amp In: Yes Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 19 x 3.5 x 15 Weight: 41 Pounds

    LTD B-50FL - Black - real good

    by frankplane
    01-09-2013 23:28
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=137449" alt="" title="LTD B-50FL - Black - real good" /></p>made in china, vol,vol, tone boost active, 9 volt battery, 24 frets, esp pickups precision, jazz pickup configuration, esp neck and bridge.

    Peavey TNT 160 - Road warrior

    by octovia
    05-24-2013 06:12
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=9193" alt="" title="Peavey TNT 160 - Road warrior" /></p>160 watt bass, guitar, keyboard amp with 2 inputs and 15 inch speaker and basic effects.

    Yamaha RBX270 - Black - great bass

    by boristhespyder
    05-23-2013 17:13
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=134323" alt="" title="Yamaha RBX270 - Black - great bass" /></p>made in taiwan 2002 dec.volume,master tone,pickup balancer 24frets pj configuration,standard bridge,maple neck rosewood fretboard

    Washburn Scavenger - Vintage WASHBURN SCAVENGER

    by studiokid
    07-03-2013 16:51
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=127616" alt="" title="Washburn Scavenger - Vintage WASHBURN SCAVENGER" /></p>Made in Japan faite à la main dans les règles de l'art dans l'atelier Matsumoko. deux micros, un genre de jazzbass en position chevalet et un genre de precision en position manche. electronique passive, sillet os et chevalet laiton il me semble. Qualité des bois et des assemblages irreprochables (ça a 30 ans et pas bougé d'un poil). Aujourd'hui pour trouver une qualité identique faut aller chez le luthier et encore les acajous d'aujourd'hui ne sont pas les mêmes !!

    Marceau Guitars JB-S - This is bass!

    by Lexa001
    04-03-2013 23:42
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=179486" alt="" title="Marceau Guitars JB-S - This is bass!" /></p>In What Country was it made? In France ! In the small village of Gévezé What type of Bridge? It is a Hipshot A Style bridge What type of neck? On this bass, the neck is made of maple and the fretboard is made of Pau Ferro, it is very to get used to it and it does the trick very well... How many frets, Pickup Type and Configuration? This beautiful bass has 22 frets (but thanks to the advantages of handmade custom bass, you can choose whatever you want) The pickups are actually Tom Marceau's pickups, so you just have to ask what sound you want on your bass and you have it ! On that bass, we choose to set a handmade Jazz Bass "Classic" pickup for the neck and a handmade Soapbar "Classic" pickup for the bridge. These pickups are very responsive, awesome to get all the nuances you want ! What are the setting controls (volume, tone, pickup selector position)? Regarding controls, there are 4 knobs including 3 double knobs. The first one is a double knob with pickups fader + master volume. The second one is a double knob for bass boost only, treble boost/cut and a push/pull option to get even more brightness (around 7kHz which is ideal for slapping). The third one is a double knob (again!) for parametric medium. You choose the frequency you want to modify and you cut it or boost it. The last knob is a simple knob to modify the tone and there is also a push/pull option to switch your bass in passive mode ! The pre-amp model is a John East U-Retro Deluxe.

    DigiTech BP90 Bass Multi-Effects Processor - Great Pedal for the money!

    by aqualung61
    03-19-2013 10:54
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=105537" alt="" title="DigiTech BP90 Bass Multi-Effects Processor - Great Pedal for the money!" /></p>Comes with Chorus, Delay, Distortion/Fuzz, Auto-Wah, Wah-Wah, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Octave, tremolo, Synth, Compresser, Noise Gate, Tuner, Various cabinet and Head modelers, and Drum Machine.

    Washburn XB 200 - Excellant !! I depend on it !!

    by gil919
    03-16-2013 02:32
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=4992" alt="" title="Washburn XB 200 - Excellant !! I depend on it !!" /></p>10

    Schecter C-4 - Antique Amber - I really love playing this bass!

    by MGR/Brad Arnold
    11-03-2013 04:00
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=133707" alt="" title="Schecter C-4 - Antique Amber - I really love playing this bass!" /></p>Made in Korea EMG HZ passive pickups with active 2 band EQ

    Ibanez SR300DX - Very Nice Bass

    by MGR/Straydogger
    09-03-2013 04:28
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=17938" alt="" title="Ibanez SR300DX - Very Nice Bass" /></p>So look here....this is not an expensive bass guitar. What it is is a very nice inexpensive bass guitar.

    Line 6 Variax Bass 700 - Sunburst - Variety of Bass Sounds

    by tarrtime
    01-17-2013 21:21
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=56594" alt="" title="Line 6 Variax Bass 700 - Sunburst - Variety of Bass Sounds" /></p>The Line 6 Variax Bass has some very simple controls that do a lot to change the sound. There is a volume control similar to any standard. There are 'bass' and 'treble' eq knobs typical of what you might find on a bass with 'active' pickups. There is a knob that blends between 'neck' and 'bridge' pickups. You might be wondering about this because there are actually no magnetic pickups on the bass. In fact, this knob really just blends between the sounds of modeled 'neck' and 'bridge' pickups. This is a really cool feature that just makes the range of sounds even more versatile. The final knob is unique to the Variax. It is a knob to switch between all the different bass models (Jazz bass, precision bass, rickenbacker, Music Man, even sound acoustic sounds and synth sounds). It is not complicated at all to figure out. If you want to achieve the sound of a particular bass, it might be helpful to consult the manual to see what kind of bass each model is taking after. Some model descriptors like 'modern' aren't as informative as others.

    Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special - Blizzard Pearl Rosewood - Great bass for the money

    by myzen
    08-11-2012 23:15
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=127581" alt="" title="Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special - Blizzard Pearl Rosewood - Great bass for the money" /></p>This is a great bass for the money. Made in Mexico. The electronics are quiet and clear. The P/J pups are a great way to go. The controls for the active pups offer a great range of sound. I upgraded the bridge to a bad ass bridge to offer out standing sustain. I also had to upgrade the bad gold pic guard. The combo of a jazz bass neck and the precision is the best of both worlds. I have an American Fender Deluxe Bass as well that cost 3 times as much and I play the Mexican bass more.

    Kala KA-UBASSFL-1 - The fretless version

    by stompboxjon
    01-11-2012 12:53
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=184072" alt="" title="Kala KA-UBASSFL-1 - The fretless version" /></p>The Kala U-Bass is a 4 string fretless bass guitar that comes in a mahogany finish. The U-Bass is made for the road; it even fits carry on standards for airport regulations. The do make one that is not fretless too. This right handed bass guitar has a beautiful finish on it that will look great no matter where you are playing it at. It does actually look a lot more expensive than it really is. The U-Bass only cost 599 USD and can be purchased at all of your favorite guitar or music stores and online. The finger board material is Rosewood and so is the bridge or tailpiece. It has custom hipshot tuners and it has 1 pickup. There is no neck pickup or middle pick.

    Kubicki FACTOR - One of the best slap basses ever made

    by Eroachguitar
    09-28-2012 09:42
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=19914" alt="" title="Kubicki FACTOR - One of the best slap basses ever made" /></p>Phillip Kubicki is a visionary instrument maker. He first began with Fender in the mid 60's researching and developing new designs for acoustic and electric guitars. He left Fender in the early 70's and began producing his own instruments. In 1983, he introduced the Factor 4 bass, driven by a desire to produce unique, inspiring instruments. It was soon endorsed by Stu Hamm, and Vail Johnson, and demand for the instrument skyrockte, so much so that Kubicki could not keep up with the orders, and consequently signed a licensing production deal with Fender. When the Fender contract expired, Kubicki resumed manufacturing them in his own capacity for special orders.

    TC Electronic BG250-115 - Parfait pour moi

    by autoroute25
    09-16-2012 09:56
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=148000" alt="" title="TC Electronic BG250-115 - Parfait pour moi" /></p> http://www.tcelectronic.com/bg250-techspecs.asp J'aurais bien pris le Spectracomp au lieu du Tubedrive comme effet accompagant le Toneprint... 16kg seulement! Je connais des bass qui pèsent plus que lui...

    Rotosound SH77 Steve Harris 50-110 - Best flatwounds around.

    by MountAnDewMe
    06-07-2012 22:39
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=78796" alt="" title="Rotosound SH77 Steve Harris 50-110 - Best flatwounds around." /></p> I know what most bass players will say about a set of flat wounds. The sound is too smooth or dull for their playing style. In general that is a true statement. Many other players also shy away from the heavier gauged strings also. They prove to also thicken and darken the sound. At $35 dollars a pop there are many reasons not to ever try these strings. I would say you are doing yourself a disservice as these are the best flat wounds I have ever come across. The Steve Harris custom set has been used by Steve Harris for many years. I found that before ever using the string that Steve Harris had a bass sound that fit right in the pocket. They provide a thick and underlying sound but are still full of definition and always discernable in the mix. I have been using this set of strings now for almost four years. Before trying this set out I went through many different brands both round wound and flat round. There were many that I liked but none that I loved. Unlike guitar strings testing many varieties of strings can become a financial burden fast and as bass players we try to scrape every ounce of life out of a set before moving on to the next. These are a heavier gauge string so be ready to strengthen those muscles a bit when you use them. Being a flat wound type they are very easy on the finger tips and produce very little noise when sliding up or down the neck. I find that the sound is very easy to tailor with these strings. While not as bright as round wounds they do retain a great deal of high end reproduction somehow. They do not have a thick or muddy sound or a jazz type sound that can not be broken away from. What they do offer me is the ability to utilize them in a dark setting or a bright one. They can be mellow and smooth or with some tonal adjustments on the bass provide ample high end spank to pop and slap with. I am sure that Rotosound has done something in the process of making these awesome strings to infuse them with so much life as they are heads and shoulders above any other flat wound I have tried.

    Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah - More than the Best Bass Wah!

    by crankyrayhanky
    07-30-2012 02:08
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=16765" alt="" title="Dunlop 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah - More than the Best Bass Wah!" /></p>Bass Wah from the wah professionals over at Dunlap. Analog pedal with basic guitar cable in and outs.

    Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special - Blizzard Pearl Maple - Tons of bass for the money

    by MountAnDewMe
    07-28-2012 09:47
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=127583" alt="" title="Fender Deluxe Active P Bass Special - Blizzard Pearl Maple - Tons of bass for the money" /></p> This offering from Fender comes from their plant in Mexico. It is considered a best of both worlds bass taking features from both the Precision and Jazz bass. I own the Blizzard Pearl model with a maple neck. The bass is equipped with a 20 fret Jazz type neck. There are options available for maple or rosewood except for the navy blue metallic which is only available with the rosewood fret board. This bass comes standard with a vintage type bridge where the string rest on a barrel type saddle. The bridge allows for adjusting the string height and intonation of the individual strings and is finished in chrome. The bridge also holds the strings ball ends and does not have a string through body option. This bass is equipped with both a P and a J style pickup. These are the vintage noiseless variety and work in tandem with the onboard active electronics. Both pickups are controlled by a single volume control, which is the first knob. Instead of a traditional selector switch the second knob acts as a blend switch. At each extreme of this knob one individual pickup will be active while the other is silent. As the knob travels between extremes the pickups are blended in varying degrees. There is also a center detent on this knob which offers an equal amount of the P and J pickup. The next 2 knobs are responsible for the active equalization of the bass. The third knob in the series is actually a two part knob where the smaller top hat of the control adds or cuts the high end and the larger skirt of the knob does the same for the bass frequencies. They both have a center detent to indicate unity with altering of the tone. The fourth and final knob controls the midrange frequency and as the third knob it also has a center detent for unity gain and adds or subtracts midrange frequency as it is dialed away from center. The electronics are active and do require a 9 volt battery in order to operate.

    EBS MicroBass II - EBS Micro Bass II Cured My Hunt For A Phantom Powered DI

    by Alan Ace Cooper
    07-27-2012 05:10
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=25988" alt="" title="EBS MicroBass II - EBS Micro Bass II Cured My Hunt For A Phantom Powered DI" /></p>MY WANTS AND NEEDS LIST: Quiet for live TV and studio capable. Switchable from one sound to the next. Phantom power capable. Preferably have a battery only option/No power cord/adapter. Small or Flat enough to fit in the pocket of my UnderCover or MONO gig bag. Compression capable. In my Hunt For The Phantom DI, I had a short list of switchable DI boxes (listed below). In my mind, I wanted a versatile replacement unit which could do the work of my old units for less than $300.00. Seriously!?! The unit needed to fill at least 3 of my needs. Its ability to run off Phantom power was high on the list. The sound engineers at the 3000 seat church where I play/perform prefer to use the phantom option. If its their way, then it is my way. I also wanted to avoid a situation where Phantom was used accidentally with an item that is not Phantom capable. Whistling noises, along with the smell of fried electrical components, are NOT cool! The unit needed to be studio quiet, since the church broadcasts on television and the internet. EBS Micro Bass II: All I can really say is WOW! It is the only item, out of the six bass DI units I tried, that I felt could cover the full sound spectrum for my situation. The solid state box has a great range of tonality and more functions than I could ever use in a live setting. The control knobs feel secure and turn smoothly. Some settings can sound a little mechanical but I have simply learned to avoid those settings.

    Eden Electronics WT-800 The World Tour - CLIPPING/SHUTDOWN.......

    07-22-2012 07:06
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=6883" alt="" title="Eden Electronics WT-800 The World Tour - CLIPPING/SHUTDOWN......." /></p>MAN!!!...RUNNING IT THROUGH TWO EDEN 410XST 1000W EA...OR ONE...& CLIPPING/SHUTDOWN/ ELECT.SMELL....RAN IT THROUGH ONE GK 412 NEO 1200W...SAME RESULTS.USED SPAEKONS/USED 1/4"JACKS..WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?....ALL HAPPENING AT PACKED GIGS!!!!!EEEEEEKKK!!! ANY WORDS OF WISDOM???

    Gallien Krueger 400RB-III - Stands the test of time!

    by JeffTadashi
    07-20-2012 16:13
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=51547" alt="" title="Gallien Krueger 400RB-III - Stands the test of time!" /></p>The Gallien Krueger 400RB-III is one of the first bass amps I've ever owned, and it certainly stood the time of time for nearly a decade. It is a 240W solid-state amplifier that is relatively compact, but relatively powerful, and provides nice, clean, simple bass sounds. It can be rack-mounted or simply rested on top of a speaker cabinet, the amp comes with the included hardware to make the changes, including taking the handle on the side on and off. Speaking of handle, this amp can be easily carried with one hand, which makes it very portable, but certainly not underpowered. My buddy now uses this amp with a full 8x10 cabinet, and it powers that speaker just fine.

    DOD Bass30 - One of the earliest multi bass fx

    by JeffTadashi
    06-22-2012 12:01
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=7720" alt="" title="DOD Bass30 - One of the earliest multi bass fx" /></p>The DOD Bass 30 is one of the earliest bass multi fx units made for mass use, and it certainly was one of the cheapest. It included multiple sections of different effects. The first effect is the modeling, and this allowed your bass to be modeled after a certain amplifier type, distortion type, or synth type. It included Classic, Modern, Rock, Overdrive, Fuzz, Fretless, and Bass Synth. The next section was the EQ/tone section, where you can change such parameters as Volume, Model Gain, Treble, High Mid, Low Mid, Bass, and Gate Threshold. The next section was the effects, where you can choose a modulation effect, such as Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibrato, Envelope, Pitch/Bend, and Detune. The next section is the compressor, where you can adjust Crossover Frequency, Threshold, Ratio, and Gain. Next there is a small fx section for Delay and Reverb. And finally, there is a parameter section, which helps you adjust any of the parameters of the fx and models. There is also a wah on this unit as well.

    Waterstone Guitars 12 strings bass - Nice Bass...Really nice!

    by Mattfig
    06-12-2012 23:15
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=52962" alt="" title="Waterstone Guitars 12 strings bass - Nice Bass...Really nice!" /></p>Made in Korea... Here's the specs... Specs 32" Scale Rosewood Fretboard 2 Passive Pick-Ups Single F-Hole 2 Tone, 2 Volume 3 Position Selector Switch

    Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive - A great introduction to bass distortion

    by JeffTadashi
    12-06-2012 03:02
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=1894" alt="" title="Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive - A great introduction to bass distortion" /></p>The Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive stompbox is a simple, standard, yellow Boss pedal, probably one of the most common (and cheapest) bass overdrive/distortion pedals out there. It takes standard pedal power or a 9 volt battery (just like most Boss single pedals), and it has a 1/4 guitar line input and guitar line output.

    Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass - Hot Rod Red Rosewood - Red, and Bright

    by theaudioandvideoguy
    04-24-2012 15:00
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=54782" alt="" title="Fender Deluxe Jaguar Bass - Hot Rod Red Rosewood - Red, and Bright" /></p>The Fender Jaguar Bass was made a while back but then came back with this Hot Rod Red Rosewood color. I have to admit , even though im not a fan of really bright colors. This one looks great, the red is bright but not too bright to where it looks cheesy. Its very stylish and has a very clean look to it. I havent found any one who doesn’t like the Jaguar Bass yet, nor anyone who doesn’t like the Hot Rod Red Rosewood Version.

    Fender Higway1 SunBurst - Jazz bass

    by theaudioandvideoguy
    04-24-2012 14:50
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=61083" alt="" title="Fender Higway1 SunBurst - Jazz bass" /></p>The Fender Highway One is an excellent bass. It has the feel to it that every single bass player would love and I mean every bass player! It comes in a 3 color tone. I actually think that the one pictured in this review is just one of the color styles. There is a lighter colored one as well that a friend of mine has been using for quite some time now and I can only say that it looks great.

    Polytone Mini Brute III - Useful amplifier, strange choices

    by drbob1
    04-23-2012 12:07
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=65757" alt="" title="Polytone Mini Brute III - Useful amplifier, strange choices" /></p>This is a solid state amplifier primarily designed for jazz guitar and bass. It has high and low volume inputs, an overall volume knob, dual tone controls (treble and bass) for the low volume input and an overall tone control for the high volume input. There's no manual available for this, and the control panels vary considerably from what I've seen on pictures so this has been arrived at by trial and error. There's an output for a satellite speaker on the back. Power output is rated at 110 watts in the literature. It's probably accurate but the speaker is not super efficient so it's not as loud as some 100w amps I've used (like a Twin Reverb or Jazz Chorus). The weight, for an old school SS amp is really nice, about 28# IIRC. I'm tempted to drop in a lighter and more efficient neodynium speaker to see what that would do. I got it with a Polytone extension cabinet, which is a strange little beast. It's also rated at 100w, and includes dual cooling fans. It requires a speaker level input! So, I guess what it's doing is padding down the overall output of the amp for a more accurate representation of that sound (instead of a line out). It works as a "biggener" for small amps, I ran a 5w amp's speaker output into it and got something more along the lines of 50w worth of sound out, so that's pretty cool. Again, no manual so I'm guessing about how things work.

    Rickenbacker 4003 - As good as it gets.

    by heads on fire
    04-03-2012 04:55
    <p><img src="http://img.audiofanzine.com/image.php?lang=en&amp;identifier=id&amp;size=thumb1&amp;module=product&amp;product_id=1441" alt="" title="Rickenbacker 4003 - As good as it gets." /></p>There are bass guitars, and then there is THIS bass guitar. This is an icon in the world of music, for many reason. Firstly, I'll list some of the features of the bass, then I'll give my opinion about it. The bass is a neck through, with a maple body and neck, 2 truss rods, and a rosewood fretboard. The fretboard has Rickenbacker's signature triangle inlays and 20 frets. The bass has 2 single coil pickups, a 3 way toggle switch, and 2 volume and 2 tone controls. It also features stereo output, for a huge sound!
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