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  1. Gibson unveils the 2015 edition
  2. First!
  3. testes testes 1, 2, 3
  4. 3rd test
  5. Pre-order the new Keeley Bassist
  6. Vox upgrades its AmPlug guitar/headphone amps
  7. 3 Fender Modern Player Short Scale versions
  8. The Keybass, bass and synth altogether
  9. PRS introduces two SE basses
  10. TC Electronic combines its TonePrints
  11. Fodera unveils the Victor Wooten Bow Bass
  12. Alusonic launches the Rigoni Signature hybrid bass
  13. Friday’s Freeware: Taikos for everyone
  14. Sound Magic launches a DSD workstation
  15. Nord offers free Mellotron sounds
  16. Special offer on the TimewARP 2600 synth
  17. WNP Sounds offers a new software EQ
  18. The TC-Helicon VoiceLive on the iPad
  19. A guide to mixing music - Part 6
  20. How to change pitches in single-note melodies and inside chords
  21. Auxy, a free and easy sequencer on iPad
  22. Friday’s Freeware: SGA1566
  23. Korg ClipHit, drum anything anywhere
  24. Sabian introduces the HHX Omni
  25. Acoustic drumhead setting - getting it right
  26. [Musikmesse] Details of the Nord Drum 2 and Pad
  27. [NAMM] Video TruTuner TruTuner @NAMM
  28. Ddrum’s Reflex Review
  29. [Musikmesse] Rotodrum
  30. [Musikmesse] Premier Iron Maiden Series
  31. [NAMM] Gibraltar Turning Point
  32. [NAMM] Pearl E-Kit
  33. Kurzweil introduces the Artis 7
  34. The MiniBrute SE on sale until the end of the year
  35. New colored Arturia MicroBrute SE synths
  36. [AES][VIDEO] Moog Emerson modular system
  37. Waldorf Streichfett Review
  38. Electro-Harmonix reissues the Clockworks
  39. New Korg PA3X Le arranger keyboard
  40. The Korg Electribe is back
  41. Waldorf Streichfett Review
  42. More info about the Modulus 002 synth
  43. New Gretsch Falcon Crème de Marine limited edition
  44. Blackstar launches a 3W mini guitar amp
  45. Expressiv, new electric guitar with built-in MIDI
  46. The Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme released
  47. Bogner signs guitar pickups
  48. PRS launches the Angelus Tree of Life limited run
  49. TC Electronic introduces a new Flashback Delay
  50. The Slash Rosso Corsa Les Paul now at Epiphone’s
  51. Strymon introduces the Deco pedal
  52. The Blue Mo-Fi officially announced
  53. Focal Spirit Professional Review
  54. AF Winners of My Headphone Contest Announced
  55. AKG unveiled its K812 professional headphones
  56. Win customized Custom One Pro headphones
  57. Monster Beats Pro Review
  58. Comparison: 5 Headphones Between $350-$500
  59. Audio-Technica ATH-AD1000 Mini-Review
  60. Sennheiser HD650 Mini-Review
  61. Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Mini-Review
  62. Studiologic upgrades its Numa Organ to v2
  63. Friday’s Freeware: Studious Weekend
  64. [Musikmesse][VIDEO] Kurzweil Forte demo
  65. [NAMM] Hammond introduces the XK-1c organ
  66. [NAMM] Roland V-Combo VR-09 Performance keyboard
  67. [NAMM] Video Casio [Privia Series] PX-350 @NAMM
  68. Roland is preparing a new live console
  69. Dynaudio BM Compact mkIII Review
  70. [AES] Barefoot introduces the MicroMain45 monitors
  71. [AES] New Gibson LP monitors with Sunburst finish
  72. [AES][VIDEO] Audio-Technica AT5045 microphone
  73. [AES][VIDEO] PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI/32AI
  74. [AES][VIDEO] New sE Electronics X1 mics
  75. [AES] Kush Audio launches a VCA compressor
  76. [AES] Genelec's innovative 8351A 3-way monitor
  77. [AES] The Neumann U 47 FET is back
  78. A guide to mixing music - Part 7
  79. A video journey through the Taylor Guitars factory complex
  80. Try the FL Studio 12 beta version
  81. 4 plug-ins in the UAD Software v7.11
  82. Moog discontinues the SlimPhatty
  83. Korg introduces the new Kronos
  84. Friday’s Freeware: Resonate!
  85. The Cycling’74 Max 7 is out
  86. SKnote is preparing the StripBus v3
  87. The pros and cons of using an iPad to view charts and lyric sheets on the gig
  88. The Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack is out
  89. Tech21 collaborates with Ritchie Kotzen
  90. Candid comments from the renowned producer/engineer about gear, mixing and more
  91. IK Multimedia lets vocalists sing on Android
  92. Amazing Machines offers an EQ for Reaktor
  93. Friday’s Freeware: Ready? Strum!
  94. Talking about guitar building with the man who designs Taylor guitars
  95. Wampler launches the Cranked OD Limited Edition
  96. Simulate a 12-string guitar with Mosaic
  97. (Almost) All Eventide in the H9 Max
  98. [BKFR] More Toontrack deals
  99. 3 IK Multimedia special software bundles
  100. Walrus Harvester limited edition overdrive
  101. The Line 6 AMPLIFi in TableTop format
  102. [BKFR] EastWest Complete Composers 3
  103. [BKFR] Plugin Alliance Black Friday deals
  104. Add expression to your MIDI parts
  105. [BKFR] Propellerhead's special Black Friday Bundle
  106. A Hurdy Gurdy and MIDI controller
  107. A reverb pedal to fight cancer
  108. [BKFR] Friday’s Freeware: OneKnob Pumper
  109. [BKFR] PreSonus Studio One and Notion deals
  110. All Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales
  111. [BKFR] -30% off MusicLab virtual guitars
  112. [BKFR] -30% off Serato software for DJ
  113. [BKFR] Marshall Major headphones for 50€
  114. [BKFR] A 2-week sale on Elektron hardware
  115. Livid Instruments’ Cyborg Monday
  116. Plugin Alliance X-Mas Calendar launched
  117. Guitar modeling and a new cabinet simulator highlight the latest release
  118. Steinberg is making a ProVolution
  119. Arturia launches the V Collection 4
  120. Cubase 8 Pro details are online
  121. More info on Hive, U-He’s new synth
  122. TouchAble app for live updated to v3
  123. Bass String Survey and Sweepstake
  124. Our readers' choice of the best commercial convolution reverbs
  125. You can order your PianoArc
  126. Friday’s Freeware: Boogex
  127. New VFE Pedals RUP distortion on KickStarter
  128. 3 new 8dio Misfit sample libraries
  129. Flash sale on the Maschine expansion packs
  130. Dm 3200 connection
  131. From Creation to Final Mix Part 2
  132. Prism Sound lowers the price of its interfaces
  133. [NAMM] USAMO: Audio In - MIDI Out
  134. How to use a match EQ to manipulate your audio
  135. A mini AD/DA converter on KickStarter
  136. Friday’ Freeware: Hand Crash
  137. MOTU Monitor 8, the three-in-one interface
  138. iZotope Iris 2 introductory price extended
  139. Audiobro introduces LA Drama Drums
  140. Intunative, a new music creation app for tablets
  141. DMG Essence, a De-Esser for your mixes
  142. An in-app store now in Tracktion 5
  143. [NAMM] Matthew Bellamy signs a Cort guitar
  144. It’s Christmas at Native Instruments’
  145. Rob Papen’s Raw synth is out
  146. Overloud REmatrix Review
  147. Friday’s Freeware: Saturation Knob for all
  148. Problems with getting my focusrite 2i2 hooked up to Presonus Studio One artist.
  149. Flux:FX, a multi-effect audio app for iPad
  150. The Wampler Faux Tape Echo in limited Xmas edition
  151. The gear, the setups, the incredible mics, the history, and more
  152. Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick on Pensado's Place, their new book, and mixing in the d
  153. PreSonus Monitor Station v2 Review
  154. Unwrap 10 free drum kits from Twisted Tools!
  155. Review of AIR Music Technology Advance Music Production Suite
  156. [NAMM] The EHX Soul Food for bass
  157. Glitchmachines Seism, free impact library
  158. Gotharman is preparing a music workstation
  159. A new OS for the DSI Tempest
  160. [NAMM] Source Audio unveils its new products
  161. A review of the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Pi
  162. Hercules DJuced Master for Google Glass
  163. Friday’s Freeware: Mellowmuse EQ now free
  164. How to choose a DAW that meets your needs - Part 1
  165. New PRS Mark Holcomb Limited Edition
  166. [NAMM] Akai on the steps of the Kontrol S
  167. [NAMM] Cakewalk unveils the new Sonar DAW
  168. How to choose a DAW that meets your needs – Part 2
  169. [NAMM] 37 keys on the CME Xkey
  170. [NAMM] ESP celebrates its 40th Anniversary
  171. [NAMM] Auria will go Pro this Spring
  172. [NAMM] Porter & Davies introduces the KT Platform
  173. [NAMM] Rupert Neve launches a DI
  174. [NAMM] Reverend Guitars unveils its new models
  175. [NAMM] Radial introduces the Bassbone v2
  176. [NAMM] ESP shows exception instruments
  177. [NAMM] Sonarworks calibrates your headphones
  178. [NAMM] Moog reissues three modular synths
  179. [NAMM] New Nord Electro 5 series
  180. [NAMM] Jack transmits audio via WiFi
  181. [NAMM] 4 new Waldorf products
  182. Tractor pro 2
  183. [NAMM] New Doepfer Eurorack modules
  184. [NAMM] A guitar interface for Android devices
  185. [NAMM] 2 new TC-Helicon products at NAMM
  186. [NAMM] Not 1 but 3 ARP Odyssey reissues
  187. [NAMM] More info about the Waldorf NW1
  188. [NAMM] Korg improves the MS-20 concept
  189. [NAMM] Korg revamps its SQ-10 sequencer
  190. [NAMM][VIDEO] Roland JD-Xi hybrid synth
  191. [NAMM][VIDEO] 4 iRig new products
  192. [NAMM] Roland Super UA audio interface
  193. [NAMM][VIDEO] Oberheim Two Voice Pro
  194. [NAMM][VIDEO] iZ Corp Radar Studio
  195. [NAMM] A mixer in the Aira Series
  196. [NAMM] Dave Smith’s Sequential Prophet 6
  197. [NAMM] Spectrasonics introduces Omnisphere 2
  198. [NAMM] The Novation Launchpad is now Pro
  199. [NAMM] M-Audio unveils a Thunderbolt interface
  200. [NAMM]*Arturia unleashes BeatStep Pro
  201. [NAMM] The Arturia AudioFuse interface unveiled
  202. [NAMM][VIDEO] Sequential Prophet 6 Demo
  203. [NAMM][VIDEO] Arturia AudioFuse interface
  204. [NAMM][VIDEO] Moog System 55
  205. [NAMM] Korg introduces the Nutube valve
  206. [NAMM][VIDEO] Arturia BeatStep Pro
  207. [NAMM][VIDEO] Nord Electro 5D
  208. [NAMM][VIDEO] ARP Odyssey by Korg
  209. [NAMM][VIDEO] Blackstar ID:Core Beam
  210. [NAMM][VIDEO] Radial Bassbone 2
  211. [NAMM][VIDEO] UAD Apollo Expanded
  212. [NAMM][VIDEO] Loknob replacement pots
  213. [NAMM][VIDEO] New TriAmp Mark 3 amp
  214. [NAMM][VIDEO] Tascam DR-680mkII
  215. [NAMM] Line 6 Firehawk multi-effect pedal
  216. [NAMM][VIDEO] Modal Modulus 002
  217. [NAMM][VIDEO] Novation Launchpad Pro
  218. [NAMM][VIDEO] Akai Timbre Wolf
  219. [NAMM][VIDEO] Tech21 dUg Pinnick UltraBass 1000
  220. [NAMM][VIDEO] Akai Advance 61
  221. [NAMM][VIDEO] Waldorf NW1
  222. [NAMM][VIDEO] Akai Tom Cat
  223. [NAMM][VIDEO] TC Electronic pedals
  224. [NAMM] Pro Tools 12 and First free
  225. [NAMM][VIDEO] Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
  226. [NAMM][VIDEO] Line 6 Variax Standard
  227. [NAMM][VIDEO] Roland EJ Tone Capsule
  228. [NAMM][VIDEO] Zynaptiq develops Morph
  229. [NAMM] Koma Elektronik Komplex Sequencer
  230. [NAMM][VIDEO] Diamond Amplification 327SD
  231. [NAMM][VIDEO] Ampeg SCR-DI
  232. [NAMM][VIDEO] Kemper Profiler Remote
  233. [NAMM][VIDEO] Radikal RT451
  234. [NAMM][VIDEO] Blue Microphones Hummingbird
  235. [NAMM][VIDEO] Avid Pro Tools 12 and First
  236. [NAMM][VIDEO] 3 new Waves plug-ins
  237. [NAMM][VIDEO] M-Audio Deltabolt 1212
  238. [NAMM][VIDEO] Rob Papen Raw
  239. [NAMM][VIDEO] M-Audio Code
  240. [NAMM][VIDEO] Focusrite Clarett
  241. [NAMM] New Midas M32 mixers
  242. [NAMM][VIDEO] Electro-Harmonix new products
  243. [NAMM][VIDEO] New EarthQuaker pedals
  244. [NAMM][VIDEO] Roland MX-1
  245. [NAMM][VIDEO] Peavey PV AT mixers
  246. [NAMM][VIDEO] Acoustica Mixcraft 7
  247. A review of Sound Radix Drum Leveler
  248. Friday’s Freeware: Drumper
  249. Laney Nexus-SL bass amp head
  250. Morley Cliff Burton Tribute Series Power Fuzz Wah